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  • Augmented Reality v0.1

    Augmented Reality v0.1

    In 2002, to experience augmented reality was to lash 26 pounds of equipment to your body and hobble waywardly within the confines of predefined area. In 2010, you can augment the entire world with a free app for your smartphone. This shot of the Columbia University’s Mobile Augmented Reality System(MARS) comes from a PopSci story written 10 Februaries […]

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  • View the future in your phone

    View the future in your phone

    Augmented reality will soon be available on smartphones to transform site visits. Written by Simon Johns Imagine walking down the street, looking for somewhere to eat. You use your phone to photograph a restaurant, and the overlay on the screen shows you menu items pulled from the restaurant’s online menu, reviews from newspapers and so […]

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