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  • Building Information Models Become Portable [iPad] [iPhone]

    Building Information Models Become Portable [iPad] [iPhone]

    While there are numerous 3D model applications available for the iPhone, iPad and Android, there has not been an application that provides a portable “intelligent model” until now. goBIM, developed by Ian Keough senior technical designer at Buro Happold, is a tool for browsing Building Information Models on your iPhone (an iPad-specific version in the […]

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  • 3D Visualization Comes Alive [Holograms]

    3D Visualization Comes Alive [Holograms]

    Three-dimensional space is a geometric model of the physical universe in which we live, work and are now entertained. Television manufacturers are quickly working to release the 3D-capable broadcasts that cable and satellite providers are already offering. For example, the 2010 Masters will be broadcast live in 3D on CBS, April 8-11. 3D movies used […]

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